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Full Circle
Full Circle featuring solo recordings by Eric Klay, works by the Australian Trombone Quartet and Michael Mulcahy's first solo recordings.
Full Circle is a collection of works for Trombone by noted Australian composers. These include world premiere recordings of Sonata for Three Trombones and Two Percussion by Richard Mills, Trombone Quartet by Barry McKimm and At A Loss by Stuart Campbell.
Track Listing:
  • Love Song Carl Vine 
Sonata for Three Trombones and Two Percussion Richard Mills
  • Allegro Agitato
  • Lento e Sereno
  • White Knight and Beaver Martin Wesley-Smith  
  • In Transit Stuart Greenbaum [b. 1966] (5:12) 
  • Trombone Quartet Barry McKimm [b. 1941] (13:13)
  • At A Loss Stuart Campbell [b. 1966] (4:40) 
Four Concert Studies: for Four Trombones David Stanhope
  • With Jazz-Like Nonchalance
  • Tremolo Study 
  • Rubato
  • As Fast As Possible
WindSong CD by Eric Klay, Bass Trombonist.
"WindSong is a rather unique collection of many eclectic styles which feature bass trombone...recent pieces by Australian composers with two in particular being uniquely fascinating. Paul Sarcich's Music for Tubes and Sticks is a 1988 I.T.A. commission for the Trombone Symposium in Brisbane: it is for tenor and bass trombones and a collection of Western and Aboriginal tubular and wooden instruments, including didgeridoo. The sound produced with such an assemblage (which also includes beer bottles and a 44-gallon drum) is, in a word, terrific. And John Barrett's Tropical Funk will really grab you. Although Klay's jazz technique does him well on this, the composer's truly virtuoso display on soprano saxophone, and intriguing sounds generated by synthesizers, make it even more of a standout.
Lawrence Whiffin's Sonata (1993) includes incredible trombonist Simone de Haan; de Haan and Klay handle the first movement's extremely demanding techniques with seemingly effortless ease...Klay's ballad style is just right on solo bass trombone, as well as on his own backup, playing all parts of his own accompaniments (four tenor and two bass trombones) in these first-rate arrangements of standards by Ellington, Gershwin and Rodgers."
Hugo Magliocco.
Western Illinois University.
International Trombone Association Journal (Spring,1999).
Track Listing:
  • Music for Tubes and Sticks (Paul Sarcich)
  • New Orleans (Eugène Bozza)
  • Pièce Lyrique (Robert Clèrisse) 
  • Sonata for Two Trombones (1st Movement) (Lawrence Whiffin)
  • Maninya IV (Ross Edwards)
  • Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Duke Ellington)
  • I've Got a Crush on You (George Gershwin)
  • Nobody's Heart Belongs To Me (Richard Rodgers)
  • Tropical Funk (John Barrett)
Fable Fantasy and Folksong
Fable Fantasy and Folksong featuring Eric Klay on Bass Trombone.Recorded in April 1988, Fable Fantasy and Folksong is a collection of Australian works, reflecting the diversity of the repertoire performed by the Melbourne Brass Ensemble. 
This recording has a number of works commissioned by the Melbourne Brass Ensemble.  Also included is  "The Adventures of Sebastian the Fox" narrated by George Dreyfus, composer.
The Melbourne Brass Ensemble musicians featured on this recording:
  • William Evans - Trumpet
  • David Farrands - Trumpet
  • Russell Davis - Horn
  • Kenneth McClimont - Trombone
  • Eric Klay - Bass Trombone
Track Listing:
  • Australian Folksong Suite (Robert Sims)*
  • Australian Up-Country Song (Percy Grainger)
  • Concert Overture for Brass Quintet (Barry McKimm)*
  • Two Folk-Songs for Quintet (David Stanhope)*
  • Fantasia on Sea Shanties (Paul Sarcich)*
  • The Adventures of Sebastian the Fox (George Dreyfus)#
  • Sonata for Brass Quintet (Richard Mills)*
(* commissioned for the Melbourne Brass Ensemble)
(# narrated by the composer)
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